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Manufactured for even the most sensitive people, all Pure Encapsulations products are made 100% pure excluding all fillers, artificial flavors, nuts, gluten, wheat, eggs and other allergens.


Pure Encapsulations are better absorbed and utilized by your body. These supplements are manufactured using the most bio-available and pure forms of ingredients. The purity and potency is 3rd party verified.

Pure Encapsulations is an industry leader and a pioneer in the production of research based clinically relevant formulas of nutritional health supplements. Their innovation and advanced manufacturing capabilities have produced the highest quality line of products currently available. They are all produced in the company owned manufacturing facility in Sudbury, MA with rigorous proprietary operating procedures including the dismantling and sterilizing of all equipment before every run, and controlling humidity, temperature, and dust concentration.

This insures the potency of the raw ingredients, which are sourced from all over the world and are third party tested for purity. Only the most bio-available forms are used to maximize the effectiveness of the supplement to the body. The formulas and dosages are fine tuned to represent the most effective levels determined by double-blind studies and extensive research. There are 17 clinical trials involving Pure Encapsulations' products as well as studies being performed at the Mayo Clinic, Michigan State, and Stanford.